Breakfast With Anna Wintour At The Paris Ritz

Breakfast at The Ritz in Paris is always a special treat.  It brings out the little girl in me, as I feel like I’m at an extravagant tea party with the Queen (and one of my favorite teddy bears).  

But this morning was going to be an extra treat- especially since we happened to be visiting during Paris Fashion Week. It was something concierge never could have managed, nor was this ever offered as an “extra” on the Experiences Menu.

Perhaps if it wasn’t the biggest fashion week, in the biggest fashion capital of the world, I wouldn’t have been quite so excited. Maybe if it was Easter I would have shown equal enthusiasm for the Easter Bunny - especially if he was handing out those yummy chocolate eggs with the creamy centers. Or a Leprechaun on St Patrick’s Day, handing out pots of gold (which would come in handy at checkout)…

But for the most stylish Sunday brunch of the season, the only guest who could make it perfect would be The World’s de facto Fashionista…

… The Devil Wears Prada in the flesh……Ana Wintour!  (Vogue’s infamous Editor in Chief -for those of you still locked in the house).

Anna Wintour Sitting Down for Breakfast at The Paris Ritz

Anna Wintour Sitting Down for Breakfast at The Paris Ritz

I mean duh, who else would be sitting across from me during Paris Fashion Week, at one of the most raised-pinky dining rooms in Paris?  

“Stay calm”, I thought.  This is simply what happens when you dine at The Ritz. (Although on previous stays I hadn’t seen so much as a cousin of a famous person). 

“Just pretend like this happens every time we go for Sunday bagels at the local strip mall”, I thought.

“But OMG!”… I screamed (Not out loud, of course- it was the Ritz, not the Waffle House)…”I HAVE to share this with someone- and it’s the middle of the night back home.”

First, I texted my 22 year old son, who was still in our room, half asleep.  I knew it was a failed mission when he responded, “Who?? What’s a magazine?”  I knew I should have sent him to a better school or at least dragged him on more shopping trips at an impressionable age.  

My husband, who was equally excited, simply asked if the apple crepes we had last time were still on the menu.  

Really??  I made a mental note to look into adopting a girl and traveling with at least one of the cast of Queer Eye on future trips.

Like any good tourist (ok, fashionista-stalker) I wasted no time getting my camera phone out.  However the challenge was taking the picture without being completely obvious.  I mean she was right in front of me, carrying on a meeting with her editors like it was the boardroom of Vogue. 

I could hear almost every word- not that I was listening or anything. Well, maybe a little.  

In addition to discussing which shows she liked, I heard her say, “Please no more issues with women in underwear and high-heels - those days are over”.  Wow. Guess I’ll have to rethink my dinner-wear for tonight.  

She appeared to be eating a model’s breakfast; coffee and air.  I was tempted to toss her a muffin but I didn’t want to ruin my cover.

So I pretended like I was one of those people who takes pictures of their food- or in this case, my teapot- as the food had not yet arrived. Then, I tilted the camera up ever so slightly, to include a picture of the meeting any Fashionista would give her right Manolo to be at.

Ok, the picture quality isn’t the best, but I don’t work well under pressure.

Ok, the picture quality isn’t the best, but I don’t work well under pressure.

This made breakfast with the queen seem almost mundane.  After all, she was never one to talk much about fashion and always more interested in the weather and how Teddy was getting on.

Finally, my Vogue mirage stood to leave.  It was my last opportunity to get a picture and prove to everyone (including myself) that I was not simply imagining all this.

Anna Wintour, with the (gasp!) latest mock-up of Vogue

Anna Wintour, with the (gasp!) latest mock-up of Vogue

Busted!  As I was taking my final picture, she got up to leave and she looked Right. At. Me. (And my last year’s Pradas).  

Maybe I could trade her a muffin for this year’s?

It was the ultimate Paris Fashion Week experience I could have ever hoped for. 

Teddy will be so jealous.

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(At this point my husband likes to point out that nothing at these hotels is anywhere near being free- but hopefully you understand me).

Even better…luxury hotels usually serve breakfast in their most elegant, top tier restaurants. Which is especially magical at The “Palace” Hotels in Paris.  (An honest-to-goodness, real title, that the French government bestows on the most luxurious hotels in France).  

So you get a chance to live like a fairytale princess every morning at no extra cost (tiaras and teddy bears optional).

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Virtuoso does not charge anything extra (they get paid by the hotel). 

You just need to find a Virtuoso Travel agent, which you can easily do online- or you can email mine (who is awesome and specializes in luxury travel)…

Please Note: I do not get a penny for mentioning this, although maybe in return, Lisa will take me out to The Ralph’s Shopping Plaza for a bagel when I get back.

Thanks for visiting, and may all your fashion dreams come true!

Sara Levy

Sara is a travel addict in search of the World’s Best Luxury Experiences. Because she does this for FUN- not money- and PAYS FOR ALL HER OWN TRIPS, you can always count on 100% honest reviews.  Promise!

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