About us…


Hi… Fellow travel-junkies Sara & Jim here.

We hail from the land of Southern California, where everyone appears to be in a constant state of surprise; either from a botched plastic surgery attempt or the fact that they still can’t believe how much they pay in taxes.

We’ve always loved to travel, but becoming empty nesters finally gave us the time and the funds (only one more kid on the payroll) to take it to another level.

Most travel blogs are really just marketing tools for hotels, airlines, restaurants, etc.  They get paid big bucks (or lots of free rooms/meals, etc.) to tell you whatever trip you are planning is the greatest thing since sliced, gluten-free bread. 

After all, have you ever seen a travel article titled:  Vienna’s Latest Luxury Hotel Opening -Meh! Almost never- even if it might be the truth sometimes. (Not to pick on Vienna, but hopefully you see where I’m going with this).

We pay for our travel expenses ourselves, which I guess doesn’t make us that smart, but it does make us super honest. If I’m paying the big bucks for a holiday, I will be as mad as a wet cat in a bag if it’s not a great trip.

Otherwise I’m very pleasant.

This is not just another travel-porn blog, full of photos that make things look bigger and better than they are in real life.  

Hopefully I’ve saved you hours of research and/or thousands of dollars with this blog (your welcome).

You will definitely get your money’s worth on this blog - of course it’s free...so you do the math.

So if you’re bored, curious or just need something to do between laundry cycles- read on...